2018-2019 Academic Year Tuition Rates & Fees

Arts & Sciences – $1,388 per credit hour

  • Basic Science
  • Bioscience & Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Politics and Governance
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Computer Science

Education – $961 per credit hour

  • MA in Teaching
  • MAT Technology Education K-12
  • MAT English to Speakers of Other Languages (Online)
  • Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Online)
  • Grades 1-6 Foreign Language Elementary School Extension (Online)
  • Grades 5 and 6 Extension (Online)

Institute for a Sustainable Environment – $1,388 per credit hour

  • Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Environmental Politics and Governance


  • Residential MBA –†$1,388 per credit hour
  • Hybrid MBA – $1,174 per credit hour
  • On-line MBA –†$1,174 per credit hour
  • Healthcare MBA – $1,174 per credit hour
  • Healthcare Data Analytics MS – $1,174 per credit hour (PreRequisites – no cost)
  • Leadership in Medicine – Healthcare Management – Determined and Paid through Union College

Health Fields

  • Physical Therapy – $16,349 per term
  • Physician Assistant – $15,441 per term
  • Occupational Therapy – $15,441 per term

Interdisciplinary – $1,606 per credit hour

  • Engineering Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Dual Degree MS Data Analytics/MBA

Engineering – $1,388 per credit hour

  • Business of Energy
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Engineering and Management Systems
  • Engineering Science
  • Energy Systems
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Bioethics – $998 per credit hour

* MS in Bioethics program

Scholarship Opportunities

Clarkson Scholarships help provide affordable education to students of modest means and academic excellence. These scholarships, many of which are funded by Clarkson Alumni, have made — and continue to make — a difference in the lives of our students.

School of Business

Merit Based MBA Scholarships
All students applying for Business School programs will automatically be considered for merit based scholarships and need not fill out a separate scholarship form. As long as funds are available, scholarships are given based on academic achievement (GPA) and GMAT results. Tuition or course waivers may also be awards based on undergraduate work.

Available scholarships include:
Fellowship Scholarship (3.3 GPA, 550 GMAT) - $10,000
Dean's Scholarship (3.5 GPA, 600 GMAT) - $15,000
Presidential Scholarship (3.7 GPA, 650 GMAT) - $25,000
Trustees Scholarship (3.9 GPA, 700 GMAT) - $50,000

Clarkson students are expected to maintain excellence to maintain scholarship status. Accelerated BS/BA/MBA students who wish to qualify for merit scholarships should take the GMAT regardless of their grade point average. 

International Students
International graduate study students will be considered on an individual basis for merit-based scholarships.

Scholars Program
The Scholars Program at Clarkson University is designed to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and professional excellence. Students who are accepted into the program receive up to $25,000 in tuition scholarship and the opportunity to replace two electives with a research project completed in conjunction with a faculty mentor.

Learn more about all of our scholarships and how to apply by contacting busgrad@clarkson.edu.  


Engineering & Computer Science

A limited number of one-year and/or partial year tuition scholarships are available for qualified full-time students. A limited number of stipends are also available. Most scholarships and/or stipends are associated with department assistantships or completion of a master’s thesis as part of the qualified applicant’s plan of study to complete his/her degree program.

Learn more about all of our scholarships and how to apply by contacting the Engineering Department via email enggrad@clarkson.edu.  


Department of Education

Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. You are encouraged to apply early. Students typically begin the MAT in the summer and complete the program in one calendar year, three semesters. Students may also start in the Fall or Spring semesters in order to spread the workload over a longer period of time.

The Dean’s Scholarship
The Dean’s Scholarships are the most prestigious merit award in the Department of Education at Clarkson University. Students’ applications are automatically reviewed for merit scholarship based on previous coursework and the rigor of their undergraduate portfolio.

Special Scholarship Opportunities
Clarkson University is fortunate to receive unique scholarships from generous donors. There are also scholarships designed to support students who grew up in Schenectady or the Capital Region. Applicants are encouraged to inquire about other current opportunities.

Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) Grant
The New York State Education Department has awarded the Department of Education at Clarkson University, the Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) grant. This grant provides a $19,000 scholarship for qualified candidates from historically underrepresented groups. This award recognizes the quality of Clarkson University’s MAT program, as only 8 of the over 200 teacher education programs in New York State received this funding.

Clinically Rich - Intensive Teacher Institute TESOL Grant
The New York State Education Department has awarded the Department of Education at Clarkson University, the Clinically Rich - Intensive Teacher Institute TESOL Grant. This grant provides a $4,500 scholarship for up to 20 candidates per year in English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Clarkson will match the grant with up to $9,000, a 200% match, for eligible applicants. This award recognizes the quality of Clarkson University’s MAT ESOL program, as 1 of only a handful of programs in New York State receiving this funding

The Schenectady Foundation Scholarship
The Schenectady Foundation Scholarship is awarded to one student every year. The successful candidate will have graduated from Schenectady High School or a high school in Schenectady County. The candidate will complete the full-year teaching residency at Schenectady High School and must express intention to pursue a teaching position in the district or in a high need setting. The scholarship awardee receives $7,500 in tuition support from the Schenectady Foundation which is matched by Clarkson University. 

In addition to scholarship, students may be eligible to receive transfer credit or course waivers for previous study. Scholarship, course waivers and transfer credit reduce the cost of earning a degree at Clarkson University..

Articulation Agreements
Students from select undergraduate institution may be eligible for scholarships. Students generally need a GPA of 3.2 or higher to qualify. Please inquire with the Department of Education at 518-631-9870 for a list of partner school and details.

PDK Educational Foundation
The PDK Educational Foundation endowed scholarship program supports students who are pursuing advanced degrees in education at the master’s level. Eligible applicants must be members in good standing of PDK International and/or Pi Lambda Theta. Awards range from $500 to $1000. 

Other Scholarships
The Williams Scholarship, Bauhofer Scholarship and the Allen Scholarship celebrate the dedication of individuals preparing for careers in the classroom.

Learn more about all of our scholarships within the Education Department and how to apply by contacting foley@clarkson.edu.

Applying for Financial Aid

Graduate students enrolled in Master’s and PhD level programs may finance their education through a combination of university awards and student loans. University awards are granted by each graduate school. Federal student loans are awarded and processed by the Financial Aid Office at each campus location.  US citizens and Permanent Residents who are enrolled on at least a half-time basis are eligible for federal student loans.

Financing Options & Resources

  • Clarkson University's Payment Plan
  • Federal student loans
  • Alternative student loans

Other Scholarship Sources

We encourage you to apply for additional scholarships. We will not reduce our scholarship/grant offer if you receive outside scholarships, unless the total amount of your scholarship money from all sources exceeds Clarkson's cost.

  • Veteran's benefits - the Yellow Ribbon Program
  • Employer tuition benefits
  • Online searches
  • Recommendations from your academic department based on your area of study
  • Potential for transfer credit or course waivers for previous study

Graduate Assistantships

The opportunity for graduate assistantships varies by program and should be discussed with the department staff and/or program coordinator directly.

Graduate Federal Student Loan Information

Information about applying for Federal Student Loans, including the terms, application steps and eligibility information may be found here.

Graduate Study Fees

Residential Program Health, Wellness, and Recreation Facilities Fee – $450 per term

Assessed to all full-time graduate students in residential programs. Covers operations for access to recreational facilities, fitness center, health center services, computing lab resources and related software, webinars, etc (Note: This is not a health insurance premium).

Non-Residential Resource Fee* – $75.00 per term

Covers operations for access to computing lab and online resources and related software, webinars, etc.

*Resource fee: Includes guest speakers and lecturers, computer lab resources and related software, the learning management system, Echo 360 which allows asynchronous learning sessions, voice thread and other online related services, library and database access, and free transcripts for life.