About the Honors Program

Honors students studying together

The Honors Program offers unique academic challenges and experiential learning opportunities to prepare Clarkson University’s most promising students to lead fulfilling lives and to drive positive change in science, technology, and society. Committed to diversity, inclusion, and excellence, the Honors Program provides:

  • A curriculum that focuses on real-world interdisciplinary projects to develop ethical awareness and vital skills in problem-solving, teamwork, and communication;
  • Research opportunities that cultivate critical thinking and collaborative relationships with faculty;
  • Dedicated advising and professional development programs that help students envision and pursue their career goals;
  • A residential learning community and both peer and alumni mentorship programs that build social support, professional networks, and lifelong friendships;
  • Leadership and service requirements that ensure that students are actively engaged and give back to their communities;
  • Funding for study abroad, conference travel, and other opportunities to apply knowledge outside the classroom, broaden perspective, and build social capital.
5 Reasons Behind the ROI
Earn Scholarships
Earn $2,000 a year plus $2,000 for educational enhancement activities.
Professional Development
Engage in leadership and service programs, and peer and alumni mentoring.
Hands-On Learning
Our cohort based curriculum is dedicated to collaborative real-world problem-solving.
Extend Your Community
Live in Honors housing and engage in student life creating lifelong friendships.

Class of 2018 Total Undergraduate Placement Rate
Top Grad Schools
Astronomy at Boston University • Biochemistry at Duke University • Material Science at Cornell University • Particle Physics at the University of Rochester • Robotics at Georgia Institute of Technology • Transportation Engineering at MIT • PT at Massachusetts General Hospital • MD at SUNY Upstate Medical University
Top Employers
Systems Engineer, General Dynamics• Operations Leadership, Pall Corporation • Rotational Development Program, Cobham, PLC • Consultant, IBM Global Business Service • R&D Process Engineer, Hewlett Packard, Inc. • OMLP, GE Energy Connections • Cognizant Engineer, Bechtel Plant Machinery • International Trade Manager, HDY Decoration Materials

Want to get hired? You need experience outside the classroom! That’s why our curriculum focuses on real-world, team-based, problem-solving.

Each year the sophomore class engages in a year-long project to address an issue in the local community.  Students gain experience working for a client and develop skills in teamwork, communication, leadership, and public presentation. 

International Opportunities

Honors students working on a project in another country

First-Year Orientation

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