About Our Pre-Law Program

As a 21st century lawyer in any field, you will benefit from Clarkson's real-world learning philosophy and teamwork that spans disciplines. You need the edge provided by Clarkson's technology-rich environment. The pre-law program takes advantage of faculty expertise in business, engineering and science — along with the well-rounded education that all lawyers require.

What Do You Get With Pre-Law?

In the pre-law advising track at Clarkson, you'll benefit from preparatory courses in business law, communications, literature, history or political science and begin developing traditional legal skills. You will also gain a set of specialized skills that you'll learn through your major that set you apart from other law students — and other lawyers. The path you choose depends upon the kind of law you want to practice. While many generalists handle a variety of legal problems, lawyers frequently specialize in fields like corporate law, international law, tax law, patent and trademark law, securities law, bankruptcy law, criminal law and environmental law.

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Hands-On Learning

Experience What You Learn

Internship Opportunities

At Clarkson, we know that hands-on experience is the best way to learn any job. That's why we promote student opportunities to intern in law offices. In the pre-law track, you work with local lawyers in real-world situations. Third year students can arrange a semester of co-op experience through Clarkson's Career Center. Clarkson's reputation for hardworking, intelligent graduates makes students prime candidates for pre-degree employment, especially in summer positions.

Franklin Pierce Law Center

An agreement between Clarkson and the Franklin Pierce Law Center benefits students interested in specializing in intellectual property law. The center, based in Concord, New Hampshire, is internationally known for producing specialists in patent law and other intellectual property fields. If you are admitted to Clarkson, you can also receive a provisional admission to the Franklin Pierce Law Center.

Washington, D.C., Semester

Students in the pre-law advising track may also benefit from the Washington, D.C., semester. You can spend a semester as a student at American University, taking classes and participating in extraordinary internships at places like the World Bank, NBC, Greenpeace and Homeland Security and/or as a legislative aide to members of Congress.

Albany Semester Program

If you really want to dive deep into the legislative process, you can participate in the New York State Assembly Session Internship. You will gain a semester's worth of real-world government experience, learning by doing in the Assembly office and through a structured academic curriculum.  

Advance Your Studies

If you want to take your pre-law track to the next level, Clarkson also offers a four-Year JD/MBA joint program with Albany Law School (ALS) that allows students to spend their first year in law studies at ALS, their second year in management studies at Clarkson, and their third and fourth years in law and management studies. More information about the program can be found here

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